Live Healthier And Find More Comfort By Forgetting Your Past Unhealthy Choices

written by: rhianna

Emily is a 15 years old young girl who held from the province of Kandal in Cambodia. Kandal remains one of the provinces of Cambodia located in the southeast of the nation. It borders with Kampong Cham to the north, Takeo and Prey Veng to the west and south; it shares an international border with Vietnam. Its largest and capital town remains Ta Khmao, which is twenty kilometers south of Phnom Penh. History records that Kandal continues to be one of the wealthier provinces in Cambodia. While Kandal continues to maintain its heritage of substantial financial income, people residing in this region lacks good health in ignorance.

Emily’s parents lack a good sense of providing a balanced diet for their kids. When talking about matcha, travel neck pillow, meal prep and healthy diet, Emily’s parents can tell a little or nothing. It has totally made her health deteriorate in oblivion. Nevertheless, the young lad believes that there must be something better outside her clan. Emily has two uncles and three grown-up sisters who reside in other parts of Asia. While preparing for her junior school certificate exam, Emily had the opportunity to visit Uncle John, who lives in Japan. She was offered matcha drink as a welcome gift to Japan.

Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially processed and grown green tea. Even while back at Kandal, Cambodia, Emily never heard of anything of such, but forged ahead to give it a try. In just about twenty minutes of drinking the matcha mixture, she begins to experience a warm feeling inside of her. Fear did not make her voice out for safety. Uncle John later asked how she was feeling after taking the matcha drink. In an outburst of her conscience, Emily shouted ”I feel good”. With two weeks of drinking matcha, she realized that her weight has reduced to normal. In fact, she now looks sexier, beautiful and fit when compared to Kandal.

Uncle John will have to take Emily to her elder sisters who live in China for three days visit. Emily made her first journey to Japan through a local road transport and could not discover anything like travel neck pillow. Just about 5 minutes on the plane, her uncle offered a travel neck pillow for more comfort. She refused and asked for the reason her uncle offered a travel neck pillow. With clear explanation from Uncle John, Emily accepted the travel neck pillow and enjoyed every bit of the journey.

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On arriving in China where her elder sisters reside, Emily begins to see the beauty of moving from one environment to another, primarily to discover new things. Jenna, her first elder sister, took Emily to the kitchen and dished out some Chinese burger. The whole ingredients used for food preparation in China proves to be different when compared to Kandal, Cambodia. She returned home to Kandal after extra two weeks. Emily life from the day she returned to Kandal never remained the same again. She now understands the beauty of matcha, travel neck pillow, meal prep and healthy diet.