Journey of a Young Girl around Asia with Meal Prep Container

As a young girl who is and is planning to travel around Asia, there are some strategies you have to take to have a healthier life than the one you might be living now. By the way, it is essential to note that losing weight is not only about exercise. In fact, 80 % of weight loss is based on the diet you take and only 20% is concerned with exercise. This means that you have to take much care to eat a healthy meal. This can be achieved only by choosing the right meal prep containers.

As a young girl trying to travel, you may not find that enough time to pick a healthy food. This is a common issue with many. You need to take your time, however, to plan well with this in mind. Having ready food that always fit your goals can really quash your hunger before you make dietary options.

Meal prep container for the best storage

A meal prep process involves some steps which include planning, preparation, and storage. This is where the work of meal prep container becomes immense.

Just like I have had a share of meal prep container with leaky lids, microwave meltdowns, spilled food, and other related food tragedies earlier, you may also have been caught in this. Since I had all these, I had to avoid them as much as I could. You too have to do the same. Believe me you; a proper meal prep storage will help you a great deal in reducing food spoilage by keeping all the air out. The containers will also prevent any fridge smell from attacking your food. If you have been careless in this, it is now time to change because your health is of great value.

enzo meal prep containers

Why meal prep container

You will trust me that the right storage containers can make the whole world for you a different place altogether. As a young girl traveling around Asia, this can be the best way to keep your food. This is because the containers allow on-the-go eating, keep you free from any frustration, give you high convenience and organization of the highest order with your meals.

What to consider when shopping an excellent meal prep container

Now that you know the advantages of the containers, you need now to make the right choice. These are therefore some of the criteria to be based on while shopping.

  1. Leak-Proof

Try to imagine lunch time. That time when you really need to take your meal then all of a sudden you realize liquid is coming out of your food inside the closed container in your bag. This can be the most frustrating moment to behold in the day. This can be a real nightmare because if you are really hungry, you will be forced to take the contaminated food causing you some health problems. You, therefore, need to choose an air tight lid container.

You need to know how to test your lid. The first way of doing this is to lean the meal prep container on its sides. This will help you know if the gravitational force will draw liquid out from it or not. The next test is to shake the container to see whether the liquid can hold even in the motion or not. This shaking should take at least one minute. The other test you can use is to drop the container as if it is hot and observe the behavior of the lid. When the container wins these tests, even two of the tests then it can be the winning choice.

  1. Weather out there

You might find it so cold sometimes in Asia. For this reason, you need to choose a freezer-friendly meal prep container to protect the flavor of your food. If you are not so keen, the food might even lose its taste. The container for this case should reduce the exposure of the food to air since this is responsible for some freezing side effects that may be harmful to your life. The time it takes before your food loses taste and texture may vary. For example, raw meat may stay longer than cooked meat.

  1. Mobility of the container

As a traveler, the type of the container you choose should be very portable and mobile. It should fit well in your bag and of light weight.

  1. Durability of the meal prep containers

The type of meal prep container should be that which can stand the test of time. It should be very durable and serve you for the time that you deserve.

You now have to change from the old ways of unhealthy behaviors and embrace the new changes. This will significantly change your lifestyle to be healthier than before. It will also make you travel in Asia very enjoyable.